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Escorts in Maida Vale

London Escorts - Escorts in West London
escorts-in-maida-vale-london Maida Vale a primarily residential area in West London that is also known for being home to one of the BBC’s main studios. The area is upscale, relaxed and definitely one of the most beautiful areas to visit. Escorts in Maida Vale are accustomed to the pace and the expectations of the area and can help you fit in anywhere. One of the other main attractions of Maida Vale is the area known as ‘Little Venice.’

Little Venice

Regent’s Canal and a portion of the Grand Union Canal converge on Browning’s Pool, a large pool named after the poet Robert Browning. This has created a perfect path of water that shops and homes have grown up around that support a number of barge businesses. Much like Amsterdam, there are also water buses that cruise the area to transport people to restaurants on the water and to other parts of the town. It is a quiet, low key place that is full of its own kind of vibrant life.

Karma London Escorts makes sure that the company sent to you not only meets your preferences, but is comfortable on the water as well as in the city. Little Venice shops and cafes are quaint and offer a little bit of everything to the visitor. The nightlife here is not to be underestimated despite its lack of drama. The drama is reserved for two popular barge venues, the Canal Café Theatre and the Puppet Theatre Barge. On land, make sure you stop into the Waterside Café and the Warwick Castle Pub to unwind. Maida Vale escorts will tell you that these places are warm and welcoming to strangers and provide an excellent choice of fare.

Residential on Land and Water

The rest of Maida Vale is mostly residential, with wide tree lined blocks of Victorian and Edwardian mansions for rent. There is also a large population who chooses to live on a houseboat. It can be hard to believe, when awaiting the arrival of your blonde escorts, that this is really a town in West London and not tucked away on the continent. The emphasis on the residential extends to rental accommodations. Two of the highest rated hotels in the area are The Colonnade and Europa House Apartments. The Colonnade is more for a brief luxury stay, providing the customary robes and teas that make a stay relaxing. Europa House is better if you are planning an extended stay on business. Both are amenable to well-appointed escorts no matter what your taste.


While serviced well by the tube because it is primarily a residential area, the area is not as well connected for travellers coming in by air or rail. You will have to plan a bit in advance to make sure you arrive on time for your flights. On the flip side, Maida Vale is very accommodating to the private car. Using a car hire service can be the best solution when you need to leave the area or are travelling late at night.