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Cheap London escorts at Southbank

Friday, 03 July 2015 19:15   
Blogs - Karma London Escorts Blog

cheap-escorts-SouthbankCheap London escorts at Southbank

You know we like to give you up to date information about many things in London, not just cheap London escorts, well we’d like to share some exciting events going in in Southbank this summer…

London’s Southbank is incredibly popular.  The public space provided for all the fanta
stic events that go on there is truly indicative of a capital city that puts their people first.  Southbank Centre is obviously the primary place to visit along the way and right now until July 19th you can enjoy the fun and entertainment that Underbelly Festival provides.  If you have any energy when you’ve finished your day at this great event, you can always book yourself some cheap London escorts if you haven’t spent all your cash.

Is Underbelly Festival as cheap?

Well, the great thing about this Southbank Centre festival is that it’s mostly free.  Well, the atmosphere certainly is.  If you want to catch one of the great shows that are going to be on then you pay to get in.  You can see the amazing Circus Maximus for around £20, so all in all most of the shows are relatively inexpensive; when you’ve represented cheap London escorts as long as we have, you know a good deal when you see one!

The Festival is synonymous with comedy too of course and you can watch some great shows by comedians Ed Byrne, Susan Calman and Tony Law among others.  There’s also a children’s comedy club that looks very appealing if you’re planning a trip with the family.  It’s a very child friendly environment at the Festival.  There are games to play, jugglers and other entertainers all over the place.

Alone in London

If you’re alone in the city there’s no good reason why you haven’t booked a young female companion to spend a few hours with.  At £100 to book a girl it really is achievable; especially since we can get your choice of courtesan to your home address or hotel anywhere in Greater London.  There aren’t many agencies out there at the moment that can offer you this service at that price!

All the girls you see on the gallery page are highly professional and discreet.  Many of them are students and some have promising modelling and other careers, so they would appreciate your discretion too; but we’re sure you knew that already…

Remember, it’s our little secret!  Book girls now…

How cheap are the cheapest London escorts?

Saturday, 27 June 2015 20:19   
Blogs - Karma London Escorts Blog

How cheap are the cheapest London escocheapest-London-escortsrts?

Well, sadly they do come very cheap indeed, but these girls are not what we like to term as “escorts.”  These are mostly young women who offer sexual services and don’t really intend to spend any amount of quality time with you at all.  The cheapest London escorts are not always the very best!

Either this will be the case or as a worst case the girls you’re booking may be controlled in some way; and as we all know, this is never cool!  But you want to know at what kind of price you’ll be safely booking a good quality, proper “escort,” and not just some young hooker.  About the cheapest London escorts you will find, that are the real deal and nothing dodgy or substandard, are around £100; and this is a fact, we know it because we provide this service of course.

The cheapest London escorts can’t cover the whole of London

It’s a fact that these girls who will spend time with you for less than £100 are mostly unable to get out into the Greater London areas because they’re all located in Central London.  It’s a fact that they’re more than likely operating from “walk-ups” or they’re actually being controlled in some way by an “agency” (we hesitate to use the word there!) who is unable to get the girls they represent anywhere too far away because they’re more than likely not operating within the law and can’t be running a proper business that employs professional drivers etc.

Ideally you need to book from an agency that can get companions to you wherever you are in the city of London.  Even if this agency has less choice, or they’re a bit more expensive, at least you will know you’re dealing with a business that is operating within the law and actually offering a service for the money you’re going to pay.

We are the only trusted and reliable cheap London escorts agency

So the upsell to all of this of course is the fact that we actually are the best choice if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, but you still want excellent quality companions from a trusted agency.  We know all the girls we represent personally, we obviously don’t control them in any way and we are indeed able to get them to your chosen location anywhere in Greater London with ease and within a very agreeable time period.

When it comes to the girls we represent, we do exactly that – represent them.  These young women come to us through the website because they’ve escorted before or they’ve been independent and don’t get enough bookings, or sometimes because they’re new to the industry.  All of them however know exactly what they’re doing and enjoy their chosen career path; even if it is temporary.  Some of the girls have other jobs and some of them are students who like to spend time with men from all over the city and enjoy the extra money.  Whatever the reason, we only choose the very best young women to represent.

Book from a trusted agency!

Cheap London escorts and cheap London hotels

Wednesday, 24 June 2015 17:55   
Blogs - Karma London Escorts Blog

cheap-London-hotels-escortsCheap London escorts and cheap London hotels

We know that not everyone is made of money.  This is one of the primary reasons we have cheap London escorts on offer, and we are acutely aware that not everyone wants to spend a fortune on a hotel when they can get the same service at half the price…

It’s for this reason we decided to give you a couple of suggestions for staying in London on a reasonable budget.  We say “reasonable” because we don’t want to insult you of course; that and we also don’t want the cheap London escorts we represent to end up dropping by to see you in a grotty little hostel!  But there are alternatives to staying in London on a budget without having to share your bathroom with a fat, sweaty teenager with no personal hygiene to speak of.  Allow us to show you what we mean.

  • Ibis in London Blackfriars.This is a very nicely arranged hotel with rooms available for under £100.  This makes it the perfect place to entertain cheap London escorts for £100 too doesn’t it!  The rooms are adequately furnished, it’s very clean and spacious and the staff are remarkably friendly.  The Ibis is the perfect example of a good quality hotel that doesn’t have to charge the earth just because it’s in the centre of London close to Southwark, Blackfriars, London Bridge, and Waterloo stations.

  • Berjaya Eden Park London.  Another great value hotel offering everything you need and more.  Why would you pay for more when you can have room service, television and all the other facilities you’d expect in a good hotel?  The location of this hotel is very attractive too.  It’s located in Bayswater, close to Kensington Gardens and London’s Hyde Park.  If it’s shopping you’re after then you’re not far from Oxford Street either.  Perfect if you want to book an outcall escort for a little fun in the evening too; loads of nicely priced restaurants nearby.  The rates in this place really are excellent, they have rooms from just over £50!  So you can afford to splash out a little company after all!

  • The Arosfa Hotel in Bloomsbury.  Rooms available from just over £70 a night, all with the usual facilities (we won’t go into details) and yet again this is another hotel in a prime location for a fraction of the price you’d usually spend in the city!  This is a family run hotel and operates as a bed and breakfast.  Your breakfast in the morning i

  • s basic and enjoyable, but the owners of the hotel really do go all out to make you feel welcome; nothing appears to be too much trouble.  It’s a rare to discover such a homely place in the middle of London.

You see, we don’t just offer the best price for escorts in London, we also offer the best advice on places to stay.  Stay tuned to our blog on a weekly basis to discover more great tips and information about the agency and what we’re up to.  We like to keep our clients informed!

Go ahead and browse the list of available girls tonight!

Cheap London escorts for Father’s Day

Friday, 19 June 2015 17:26   
Blogs - Karma London Escorts Blog

Cheap London escorts for Father’s Day

No we don’t mean you should get your dad one!  What we’re talking about is perhaps making up for all the rubbish your kids get you by buying yourself a little treat; or a big one depending on the cheap London escorts you choose of course!

Anyone who is a father will be both looking forward to Father’s Day and dreading it at the same time.  Men have always been notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, so when you put people in the mix who have no idea what sort of things you like (i.e. your children!) it’s likely to be virtually impossible.  Be prepared for dreadful, personalised pens, mugs, framed pictures of things you’d rather forget and a multitude of other nonsense on June 21st.  However, you can stomach all this superfluous paraphernalia if you take your pick from the cheap London escorts we have at the agency; these girls aren’t likely to bring you a gift, but they’ll sure treat you right!


Treat yourself to cheap London escorts

So fear not, you know it’s going to be mostly rubbish, so book a girl the night before, or even better on the evening of the day in question.  The cheap London escorts we have are available all night and they can be ready at very short notice; usually within the hour!   We won’t go into how good looking they are, a simple browse in our gallery should help you enough there, but we will tell you that they are very accommodating indeed; quite literally nothing is too much trouble for the girls we represent.

What about your own father?

Well, if you have a father that you think anything of, you might be interested in actually spoiling him a little.  Considering what we’ve just told you about how your kids will no doubt buy you a load of rubbish, don’t do this to your own father.  He may well want the company of a nice young escort girl, but sadly that’s not for you to organise!  There are loads of gifts out there, but we would argue that the best gift might simply be your time and to do something with your dad.  After all, you can book cheap London escorts for yourself any day of the week from us, but Father’s Day is supposed to be special.  Why not take your dad out and treat him on the 21st?

  • Walks.  Walks are a simply lovely idea to show your dad that you still enjoy spending time with him (even if you don’t!)  This works particularly well if your dad doesn’t reside in London.  Taking him for a nice lunch and a walk along Millennium Bridge for example would be a great idea.  Or a walk through one or more of London’s Royal parks.

  • Museums.  London is heaving with museums, so take your pick!  The Natural History Museum and The Science Museum are pretty much next to each other, so you could do both of those and have a nice lunch in between.  Also, if your dad is into cars and such, take him to London’s Transport Museum.

But remember this.  At least get him a card or give him a call at the very least.  This guy created you and hopefully did his best working hard to raise you, so appreciate him for one day of the year, yes?

Eating out European style with a London escort

Tuesday, April 2015 21:38   
Blogs - Karma London Escorts Blog

Eating out European style with a London escort

Some of the finest food in the world comes from our neighbours in Europe and we’re going to tell you about a few of them here.  Our London escorts love to eat out, so should you choose any of these places you’ll make them very happy indeed!

Of course, we know you might not want to take your London chosen call girl out to dinner; it’s certainly not mandatory.  However we would like to point out that it really is an experience not to be missed if you haven’t done it already.  Not only does it allow you to get closer to your chosen escort, it also allows them to get to know you better; and this can only be a good thing right?

Russian cuisine in London

Russian food isn’t always championed in the way it should be these days.  This is mostly to do with the way people bang on and on about French cuisine all the time; there’s little room for any other discussion!  We are here to tell you that some of the London escorts we represent do not only like Russian food, they’re actually from Russia!

By far one of the best Russian restaurants we, or any of our Russian escorts have eaten in, has to be Mari Vanna in Knightsbridge.  This place serves food that’s straight from a Russian mother’s 19th century kitchen and the décor is reminiscent of it too.  There’s so much on the menu that you’ll probably need one of our London escorts to help you choose!  Check out Mari Vanna online for a brief glimpse.

Baltic cuisine

Food from this region of the world is usually of a very high standard, since food has always been a big part of this culture.  Based in fresh and very regional produce, Baltic cuisine has always managed to stand out among others in London, particularly so now that we have a greater number of people from these countries living and working in our capital, including: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.  You certainly won’t struggle to find a young London escort from this region!

With this in mind we’d like to recommend the very aptly named Baltic Restaurant.  Whilst this restaurant has a name that indicates it serves food from these regions of the world, there is an incredibly diverse a la carte menu that offers food from literally all over the world on top of the classic Baltic recipes.  A great place to take some company if you’re in the mood for some London escorts fun!  You can visit The Baltic Restaurant website for more details, menus and bookings.

Don’t pay too much for companionship

The most important thing about going out for dinner is that you have good company.  But you really don’t have to spend too much money on getting it!  With Karma London Escorts you can get any of our beautiful, intelligent call girls for £100!  You will want to book a little longer than an hour of course however, if you want to have that more intimate time with them back at your hotel!

Call us now and we will make all the arrangements…
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