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Escorts in Battersea

London Escorts - Escorts in South West London
escorts-in-battersea-london Battersea in South West London, sprawls along the Thames and has become an incredibly popular place to be with the up and coming set. Battersea escorts are some of the most attractive and you can find every type from busty escorts to the blonde escorts to the more exotic Asian escorts and black Escorts too. No matter who you choose for your companion, you both will enjoy what is becoming known as the playground of South West London.

Open air and Open Minds

Battersea began as farms along the Thames and then went through sparse times when it was neither farmed nor a place of great industry. When it finally came into its own, it was through the establishment of green spac
es for the bordering boroughs.

Battersea Park is very well known and a great place to include on your visit. It houses a zoo and London’s famed Peace Pavilion. Escorts in Battersea will be glad to accompany you to the other famous landmark, the New Covent Garden Market. This is one of the largest fresh fruit and vegetable markets and it is an adventure all of its own. What makes Battersea such an exciting place to be is it has been adopted by up and coming professionals as the place to live. This means there are all types of cafes, markets, clubs, bars and markets. Nothing here is done large, it is more boutique oriented. Karma London Escorts fits in with the other businesses because it is as professional and forward focused as any other business in Battersea.

Stylish Lofts, stylish food

Battersea is popular with artists and actors. Similar to the fames SoHo district in New York City, rehabilitated industrial spaces have become highly sought after lofts. You never know who you will run into in the street when you are out and about with your escorts. There are cafes and pubs of a higher quality than most South West London areas to cater to this crowd as well. The presence of all the open air markets also means that more restaurants feature fresh and unusual menus. Some of the best dining in London can be found here. The annual “Feast at Battersea Park” food event is not to be missed. It is a celebration of all the foods and cuisines in the area presented by local chefs in an outdoor environment. The whole festival is worth the visit alone.

Getting Around

The broader design of the city, a leftover from its agricultural past, makes driving around Battersea easy. The proliferation of open air markets is possible because not only is parking available, but Battersea is well connected to the rest of London by under and over ground services. Clapman Junction is one of the busiest stations in the entire city. You can reach anywhere you want almost any time of day. One place you can’t reach directly though, is the new Imperial Wharf over ground station. To access the services there you have to cross the Thames by bridge.