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South East London Escorts

London Escorts - Escorts in South East London


It’s not all about South West London you know?  The West End isn’t everything when it comes to style and sophistication in the city.  If you’re visiting London and you’re unaware of where to go or where to stay, you should know that there are just as many stylish and entertaining places to visit in the South East.  On top of that, the South East London escorts we represent are very happy to spend time with you, whether you’re going to a bar, a club or simply out to dinner.  Considering that we know a thing or two about what to do in London at night, we have a few suggestions for you:

  • Davy’s Wine Bar.  Located at 31 Fisherman’s Walk on Canary Wharf, Davy’s is a very buzzing hive of activity that has a great mix of clientele.  Set upon The Thames, this is a lovely place to hang out and gaze upon the river in the summertime, but it’s nice all year round.

  • Club Aquarium.  Club Aquarium is located on Old Street and it’s one of the best places to party the night away, without having to a fortune on VIP tables etc.  You can of course book VIP tables if you like and you’ve got the money; or indeed the party of friends!

  • Great Suffolk Street Warehouse.  This is what they would commonly call “the dog’s” when it comes to rave venues in London.  If you’re the party type (and we’re sure there are a number of our London escorts that would indulge with you) then you’re in for a treat with this place.

Of course, a simple Google search will reveal a number of great restaurants if you want to just want to hang out and eat some great food, either on your own or with a companion.