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Even educated fleas do it…

Tuesday, 10 March 2015 17:12   
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Even educated fleas do it…

We are of course referring to the old classic Cole Porter tune about falling in love, however, we have a different slant on it!

If you stop for a moment to consider “love” as a concept you will quickly realise that not only is it a fabulous thing that we can’t help experiencing at one time or 

Sexy-escort-Londonanother, it also brings with it a lot of pain.  So there is little wonder then that divorce rates are rising, dating website memberships are increasing and the number of people booking London escorts is also hitting an all time high.  So falling in love is a natural occurrence?  Well, so is getting some wonderful female company on your own terms!

It’s perfectly natural to book an escort

There you have it.  Of course we’re going to champion this statement; we run a London escorts agency.  But putting that aside for a moment, it’s easy to understand why booking an escort is becoming so natural and much less what people refer to as “taboo”.  There was a time when you couldn’t tell your friends you were booking a girl to meet in a hotel, but these days it’s as acceptable as ordering pizza; of course, we’ve always maintained that’s it’s natural anyway.

The primal urges

The primal urges of men and women will always need to be addressed, you all know this.  So what’s wrong with taking control of your urges and indulging them on your own terms, when you have the spare time?  Heaven knows it’s hard enough in this day and age to find time for a social life, much less for a love life, so the attentions of a woman, as contrived or cosmetic as they may seem is the only logical thing to do isn’t it?

Look after yourself

We live in the 21st century folks.  If you can’t indulge yourself today then you’re never likely to be able to.  Let go a little.  Spend lots of time on your own and learn how to enjoy the simple pleasures in life like a glass of wine in front of the TV, or a take away when you fancy it.  It’s not always necessary to find someone to spend the rest of your life doing these things with, simply book a beautiful young escort for an hour or two each month when you need some company.  Take control of your life and look after yourself.

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